Hello All,

The lack of posts this summer is not for a lack of work, as we have been quite busy, actually busier than last summer.  It could be likened to what happens after the flurry of activity we see when new Marcellus well pads are developed, fracking is occurring, and pipelines are being set up.  What might appear to be a dormant period following this activity is actually when all of the natural gas is being produced and delivered down the pipelines.

drill rig
Large drill rig in Elk State Forest where 12 vertical wells were being installed for extraction of natural gas.
Immature woodcocks (Scolopax minor) separated from mother by pipeline alongside Elk State Forest road.

While it may not be as apparent things are still going on with our research (due to our lack of posts), we have not only continued to collect samples this summer, but also have been producing a significant amount of valuable research that is beginning to shape policy with regards to Marcellus shale development.  For example, one of our primary publications on this research was recently used by the American Fisheries Society to help shape their position statement on mining and fossil fuel extraction.  This statement will be used to shape future policy on Marcellus shale natural gas development and extraction.  Available to view here:(

Brook trout in Naval Hollow in Elk State Forest

Moore soon,