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The Grant Lab has created a research blog called Wilds on Frack as a public outreach project in an effort to document and share what we are doing with fellow scientists, landowners, and concerned citizens.

News Related to the Grant Lab
Inside Higher Ed
“When a professor from a small liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania decided to take on a massive research project two summers ago, he went through the usual, often futile, process of applying for federal and private grants. But when funds were short a year later, he went down a nontraditional route — turning to the public and the Internet for help. In 50 days, Juniata College’s Chris Grant and his research partner, Gina Lamendella, raised $10,800 through a crowdfunding website called iAMscientist. The money was used to fund an ongoing project on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on Pennsylvania’s stream ecosystems.”
“It wasn’t so long ago that Chris Grant would regularly take a whole laboratory’s worth of equipment with him into the wilderness. These days, he just takes an iPad. “We navigate to some fairly remote locations that require hiking in. A two-mile one-way hike is not unheard of,” says Grant, a laboratory coordinator for Juniata College in central Pennsylvania. During the summer, he leads teams of students into the state’s wilds to catch fish in local creeks and test them for mercury content.”
NPR StateImpact Pennsylvania
“You’ve heard of Kickstarter, the website that allows everyone from budding filmmakers to student dancers, to nail polish designers, search for individual funders over the internet. Now, there are crowdfunding websites popping up that focus on scientific research. Two Juniata College professors are turning to one of these to fund their fracking research. Micro-biology professor Regina Lamendella and ecologist Christopher Grant, want to find out how fracking for Marcellus Shale gas impacts stream life in Northcentral Pennsylvania.”
Project Travel
“Chris Grant raised $11,000 in 50 days to fund a research project on the Marcellus Shale. He is an Assistant Research Professor at Juniata College in Pennsylvania and you can view his current work at”
Aspen Daily News Online
“Dr. Chris Grant is a professor of ecology at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Penn., who last year was part of a team that raised about $11,000 through a crowdfunding website to investigate the link between fracking and stream health in Pennsylvania.”
High Country News
“…and last year a team from Pennsylvania’s Juniata College raised $10,000 to examine the impact of fracking on stream ecology throughout the state.”
PA Environment Digest
“Dr. Regina Lamendella’s and Dr. Christopher Grant from Juniata College are now using crowdfunding to finance a $10,000 study of how Marcellus Shale fracking is impacting headwater streams in northwestern Pennsylvania.  So far they have collected over $3,300 in contributions.”