grantpic Christopher J. Grant, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Biology Department
Juniata College
Office: von Liebig Center for Science 1044
Lab: vLCS-L140
phone: 814.641.6686

Current Students:


Elijah Hall
Research Student: Biology
Project: Predatory morphological adaptation in Micropterus salmoides (largemouth bass) in response to geographic divergence.



Youn Kyung (Rachel) Kim
Research Student: Biology
Project: Utilizing environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling to detecting the presence of Salvelinus fontinalis (brook trout) in Pennsylvania streams.


Aaron Kulig Picture
Aaron Kulig
Research Student: Biology/pre-med
Project: Temperature mediated effects on 17β-estradiol induced vitellogenesis in juvenile Salvelinus fontinalis (brook trout) via characterization of changes in tissue, plasma, and protein expression.


Benjamin Martin
Research Student: Environmental Science
Project:  Micropterus dolomite (smallmouth bass) population assessment in the Juniata River basin: Impacts of land-use on agro-chemical concentrations and smallmouth bass health.


Kelsey Pfau
Research Student: Biology/pre-med
Project: My research explores the effects of mercury concentrations and unconventional natural gas development on morphology of decapoda (crayfish).

Brandon Weyant
Research Student: Biology/pre-med
Project: Determining impacts of passive treatment remediation of Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) on mercury concentration in aquatic compartments.

Recent Graduates:

SONY DSCAllison Lutz
Position:  Graduate Research Assistant
Institution: Georgia Southern University
Research: Consumer interactions and food webs along a spatial gradient (~200 km) of the Ogeechee River. I will be using gastric lavage and gut content analysis of five major fish feeding guilds to build connectance food webs and NMDS/ANOSIM to analyze differences between sites. The five fishes I am tentatively going to use are bowfin (predator), spotted sucker (bottom feeder), snail bullhead (omnivore), bannerfin shiner (minnow insectivore) and redbreast sunfish (insectivore).

IMG_20160421_092652222Jacob Oster
Position: Graduate Research Assistant
Institution: University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science-Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Research: Tracking Methylmercury Production and Export in First-Order Stream Ecosystems. I am conducting repeated porewater sampling and benthic macroinvertebrate sampling over the course of summer methylmercury production cycles to track the production and export of methylmercury from two small tributaries to the Kilpatrick Marsh in Edgewater MD. The goal of this research is to develop risk assessments for wildlife linked to these ecosystems.

Mitch Stanton
Position: Biologist
Institution: University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory
Research: Evaluate distribution of non-native tropical fishes.


Jennifer Graves
Position: Graduate Student
Institution: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Research: I will be implementing a long term climate change study in the Bear Run watershed in Indiana County, PA. Using tagging, I will track the movement of brook and brown trout in the watershed as the overall water temperatures increase throughout the years due to climate change. I will also develop a supplemental movement study solely on brook trout as a subset to the larger climate change study.